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Welcome to On-Site Oil Change

On-Site Oil Change of Albuquerque, NM, can handle any major or minor truck and fleet repair. We have been delivering professional fleet repair and maintenance services to the people of Albuquerque since 1996. The specialist team at On-Site Oil Change uses the latest technology to make sure your fleets are on the road quickly.

On-Site Oil Changeis a certified NAPA Autocare Service Center. We are able to provide the benefits of an established national entity while maintaining the personal touch of a family owned business. We understand that your fleet vehicles are a major investment, and we work hard to keep your vehicles in excellent condition.

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"On-Site Oil Change and Suzee's Auto Repair, have been servicing my fleet for over 18 years! They treat my vehicles great and keep us on the road! Price is right and service is best! Thanks Suzee and crew for all the years of service and many miles on the road!.”

Sandra Valdez, Manager
Greenleaf Wholesale Florist inc. - 11 Units Serviced By On-Site Services

“I have been using On-Site Oil Change for our fleet needs as well as my personal needs for at least the last 5 years. I have always had great friendly customer service and if we ever have had any issue they were quick to resolve. Several times we have had trucks go down and they hop in a truck and head right out to get us back up and running. We look forward to many years of continued service. They Are Excellent! .”

Josh Webb, Customer Operations Manager
Ameripride Services • 21 Units Serviced by On-Site Oil Change

"“Be honest with yourself. When you go to a mechanic, how do you know if the estimate is honest or maybe just what they think they can charge you? Most of us feel helpless in these situations. Its so different at On-Site Oil Change and Suzees Auto Repair. Many times Justin has called and said”we can just do this, and save you money” I feel I am in charge, and not just along for the ride.
When is the last time a mechanic called and said “you can save money if you just do this” It is why I trust Justin and have sent others there as well
Most of the time when the mechanic shops calls its just “we found this and this and here is how much it will cost” how do you know if there might be a less expensive option? Often it's not even the mechanic but someone at the desk who is just relaying a message. Do you ever feel ripped off?
You hand the keys and your vehicle to the mechanic and what, hope the charge is something you can afford? You have zero control. Not with Justin! He actually takes pride in finding ways to get the work done without spending your money, endlessly
Don't you hate it when you leave your car to be fixed, and then they call and say “guess what, we also found this” How do you know its true? Stop the madness, by getting Justin working for you, not just for him.”"

David Meurer
Armed Response Team • 10 Units Serviced by On-Site Oil Change"

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Summer Special=A/C Season
R-134A Service – $39.95 Labor +$32/lb
R-1234ya Service-$69.95 Labor+$50/lb (limited stock)w

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